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2021 Registration Deadline March 15th.

As we move through 2021, we understand a lot is still up in the air. We plan to have a hybrid open studio event May 1+2 (Subject to local regulations) with some events in person and some virtual. We also are hoping to have other events throughout the year. We may also do a fashion show (In person or Virtual) if interest is high enough.

In light of this, there is only One Membership Tier this year. General membership will be $10.

To qualify for membership:

  1. You MUST have a home or studio space in Somerville, MA.
  2. You create visual art.
  3. You must upload at least one image of your artwork for your artist profile.
  4. Registration fees are non-refundable.
  5. Your registration is NOT complete until we receive your payment. Your payment MUST be received by the registration deadline, March 15th.
  6. We accept PayPal payments, and major credit cards.

You will receive an email confirming that we have activated your membership once you have completed the registration forms AND we confirm your payment. You will then be able to access your account to edit your online profile.


  • SOS runs on member volunteers. This allows us to keep membership fees low. Please help by volunteering.
  • Beyond the Pattern is a fashion show style event, for all types of wearable art and accessories. Planning in motion for this event (virtual or in person).
  • Financial Aid Is available. Please register and Click the "Apply for financial Aid" Button at the payment step.

If you have any problems during registration, please contact

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